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Pasticcere Gianni Tagliabue



Gianni Tagliabue was born in Monza, Lombardia and began working in his parents' delicatessen at a very young age, fostering Gianni's love for culinary arts. Realizing baking was his ultimate passion, Gianni turned his home kitchen into a mini-bakery when he was 15 years old. His desire to learn the finest techniques and innovations in preparing Italian pastries led him to an internship with some of Monza's most influential bakers.

After suffering severe injuries from an unfortunate motorcycle accident, Gianni began working for his mentor and friend, Chef Luzzara at Pasticceria Luzzara. While there, Gianni embarked on earning a Master Pastry Chef degree from the Milan Culinary Institute. Shortly after completing his studies, Gianni earned national recognition for his creative desserts in a contest sponsored by the Hotel Principe di Savoia.

Among multiple recognitions, Gianni has produced cakes for the Archbishop of Milan and the Grand Prix of Monza, in addition to being featured in prominent magazines and television shows throughout northern Italy.

In 1994, at the young age of 26, Gianni opened his bakery, Pasticceria Tagliabue. Through his many years of training, Gianni has developed a good mix of talent and instinct that has helped his business flourish. To him, customer satisfaction is most important, thus providing a relaxing environment in his bakery where patrons gather to socialize and savor his masterful desserts.

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“It is an almost indescribable experience....even for a huge food lover like me. To be able to sit and watch a chef of that level, then get to ask questions while he cooks- wow. I hope you get to try this event just once in your life!”

Donna B.

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